About David

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David is a New York native and grew up right outside of the Capital Region, in the town of Cobleskill in the Schoharie Valley. He has lived in the Capital Region for 8-9 years, attending undergraduate school at Siena College where he earned a B.A. in Spanish and a minor in Political Science. He spent 4 years living abroad as a student and educator in Latin America and Europe. Following that, he successfully earned a Master’s degree at the London School of Economics. His professional experience includes roles as: language educator, organizer, and community outreach advocate. He has worked at the New York State Assembly for the past three years doing constituent services, communications and legislative research.

David is the son of an immigrant father from Guyana; his mother is from the United States Virgin Islands. His family’s Caribbean roots reflect a diversity of ethnic backgrounds including: Indo-Guyanese, Afro-Caribbean, and European roots. His mother has most influenced his worldview. As a single-mother, she showed David both the necessity of having great strength of character as an individual and the importance of having strong community support systems.

David is an active member of the Historic Riverside Neighborhood Association and also participates with other local neighborhood groups (Little Italy Neighborhood Association, Osgood Neighborhood Association) and supports and engages with community organizations throughout the city (Sanctuary for Independent Media, Troy Bike Rescue). He has lived in the ‘Collar City’ for two years but is planning on planting roots in Troy. His family relationships, professional experience, and education inform the way that he thinks about public policy and the kinds of systems of governance that should be established in order to better address the needs of the people of Troy.